Welcome to the world of Beach Cowboy Fitness!

We are a private fitness studio specializing in gym classes for homeschooled and special needs youth and young adults.

We offer homeschooling parents structured programs for their children where they become more physically fit and learn essential life skills in problem-solving, communication, and leadership.

For parents with neurodiverse children and young adults, our inclusive and adaptive fitness classes provide your child with opportunities for socialization, weight loss, and strength-building

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What Else Makes Beach Cowboy Fitness Different?

  • APPROVED P.E. CURRICULUM: Our programs follow the SC Dept of Education guidelines.
  • MULTI-CERTIFIED: We’re trained in fitness for youth, groups, and special needs.
  • WELL-ROUNDED: We offer a variety of games/activities versus just one sport.
  • SKILLS ASSESSMENTS: Our students are assessed at the beginning and throughout the program to measure their progress.
  • STRUCTURED AGENDA: This is not a free-for-all. Our classes have a purpose.
  • INCLUSIVE & ADAPTIVE: Our coaches are experienced with Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other neurodiverse challenges.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION: We average no more than 5 students per coach.
  • P.E. CREDITS: Students can obtain gym class credit (we provide thepaperwork.)

Why is Gym Class Important for Your Child?

As a parent of a homeschooled student or a neurodiverse child, there are few places in Charleston where they can attend an actual gym class. 

At Beach Cowboy Fitness, we are filling that void and then some!

Studies have shown that children who learn outside the traditional school structure benefit from attending physical education classes.

According to the University of California at San Diego, children who exercise consistently experience enhanced cognitive development, academic growth, and increased self-control.

Kids who attend Beach Cowboy Fitness also enjoy an increase in the “4 C’s” of Communication, Concentration, Collaboration, & Confidence.

Our students develop better social skills, enhanced executive function, increased emotional development, patience, and empathy towards others.

Doesn’t Your Child Deserve All of These Advantages?

Reach out directly to our co-founder Cynthia Lett to learn more about how our programs can benefit your child.