Gym Classes for Homeschooled Students

Drop-Off Gym Classes

Are you a homeschool parent who could use a two-hour break during the day?

What if there was a safe, convenient place to drop off your K-5 child (or children) where they can be physically active while expanding their young minds?

Beach Cowboy Fitness is now offering drop-off gym classes every weekday!

While your kids enjoy an engaging daytime experience, you can have the freedom to focus on your OWN needs and activities.

What would you do with that extra block of time? 

Meet a friend for coffee or lunch? Run that errand that you never get to do? Get a relaxing massage? Take a long nap? The possibilities are endless!

How do the classes work?

You start by picking a weekday or days that works for you. 

Next, use our simple online registration to sign up your elementary school-aged child for the 10 am or 1 pm unified gym class (we embrace all levels of ability.)

Then drop them off, and we take it from there (and you get to do whatever you want!)

Our multi-certified fitness instructors start by leading all students in a 45-minute structured gym class with clear goals and objectives.

The children then engage in 15 minutes of free play and a snack break (you bring what you want them to eat, so you know what they’re consuming. We provide water.)

Lastly, the kids get to do something cool to wrap up the class. Group game creation!

Our Beach Cowboy Fitness coaches challenge the kids to create their own game with its own rules. Badminton meets baseball? Soccer mashed up with hopscotch? Young minds come up with the most fascinating ideas.

Creating a game with others is an excellent opportunity for your child to be creative, learn critical thinking skills and teamwork, grow as a leader, and build confidence.

If you have more than one homeschooled K-5 child, then it’s an easy way to drop them off at one place and know they can have fun with their siblings.

Are you a “Homeschool Mama?” Need a break from teaching?

Register for a drop-off gym class and take some time for yourself.

Currently our schedule is Monday-Friday - 1pm-2:50pm and Tuesday & Thursday additionally 10am-11:50am.  Choose any number of days per week to join us. There is no limit.

Any further questions? Text or call our owner, Cynthia Lett, at (843) 438-4833.

Beach Cowboy Fitness can be a homeschool parent’s best friend.

We Would Be More Than Happy To Assist You

Please note that our classes are available to students in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley Counties, South Carolina.