Adaptive and Inclusive Fitness Programs for All Ages

Our classes are available to students in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley Counties, South Carolina.

Gym Classes for Homeschooled Students

Add Gym Classes, Yoga, and Dance (Tap and Line) to Your Child’s Curriculum.

The research into gym glass for elementary and middle school students points to incredible benefits in reading, writing and math?

Do you know that the students don’t get the same results from attending one-sport classes? The variety of games, team-building, and leadership opportunities is a massive benefit of a well-rounded gym class.

Beach Cowboy Fitness is a safe, convenient place to drop off your K-8 child or children where they can be physically active while expanding their young minds?

Beach Cowboy Fitness offers gym classes every weekday and yoga and dance intermittently throughout the week! 

Bring your learning “pod” together to Beach Cowboy Fitness for a fun and engaging curriculum addition.

Use our simple online registration to sign up your child for the unified gym, yoga, or dance class(es). We embrace all levels of ability.

Our multi-certified fitness coaches lead students in a 50-minute structured gym, yoga, or dance class with clear goals and objectives. If they are taking yoga, we have the mats.

If they are taking tap dance, we provide the taps that go on over their shoes.

If you have more than one homeschooled child, then it’s an easy way to drop them off at one place and know they will have fun with their siblings. You can register for the yoga or dance classes yourself!
Our schedule is Monday-Saturday – 9 am-Noon and 1 pm-6pm,and Saturday from 9am-Noon.

Do you have questions? Text or call our Director, Cynthia Lett, at 843-438-4833.

Beach Cowboy Fitness can be a homeschooling parent’s best friend!

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